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Tips to use the iPhone to control the Home Security System

Built by Apple, iPhone has one of the most popular chatting smartphones in the world with other advanced characteristics such as web browsing, gorge photography, and GPS. It only allows the user to customize the handset as if it were a personal computer on the go, not allowing multitasking to be done by the user. By purchasing the App Store app, all customers of the iPhone can download and modify their handsets. 


More than one million apps are available on the App Store from budget tracking software for handling images. You can use the iPhone as a home security phone as well. 


iPhone for home security 

Because of the many practical uses of iPhones, a new breed of this smartphone app was able to monitor their features remotely and tell them if there was problem. That doesn’t come as a surprise. 

More than 100 home security apps are presently accessible on the App Store. Try to do a fast search with ‘ home security ‘ as your keyword if you find it difficult to think, and you will also discover that there are 693 outcomes. Not all search outcomes are directly linked to ‘ home security, ‘ but some apps are worth checking out. 


Excess equipment may be needed, such as some video cameras, while others may be free. After all, it doubles as a security camera for the iPhone, Since the recent iPhone is fitted with an 8-megapixel camera and an F/2.2 opening, it only makes sense. 



iSentry is a free iOS app that enables users to simultaneously switch on their pcs in a movement-sensitive safety scheme. All you need to do is download the app, point to the camera region that you want to track and detect the movement once the picture and video clips start receiving it. 



Presence Home Security Cameras is a free iOS app that makes cameras for Apple’s Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Downloading the app to two computers is all you need to do. Like other monitors, a device will serve as a camera. If you can use your other iOS device to monitor camera feed in real-time, you can put the camera phone in virtually any region of the house you want to maintain an eye on. The app features a motion detector that provides you a warning if a camera is moving in front of you. You will always be left at the top of your home security, even if you are at a job or a company conference, so a five-second video clip will automatically be sent via e-mail. 



iCam enables users to connect up to 16 device-based iOS feeds to videos and audio all the time. This operates very comparable to the present but enables the connection of other devices simultaneously. 




Just like Canary, only if you purchase your camera and connect it to one of your iOS devices can you use the DropCam app. Setting it up does not take more than 60 seconds. You can view all video videos directly on your phone once the camera is installed and mounted on your device. For subsequent viewing, it can also be registered and saved. You can also share the video stream with your family and friends, and vice versa. Also, DropCam has two-way voice, That’s why you like it if you can use it as a baby monitor. It also comes with digital zoom features, so you can monitor a specific region of your home carefully. 



Inspired by Apple’s design principles, iSmartAlarm CubeOne is a key-it-yourself security system that enables you to monitor your home with just one phone and your iPhone.CubeOne operates like the brain of a security system and asks for ‘ panic ‘ alarms. You can use your iPhone to manage it anywhere in the globe. iSmartAlarm sells a camera with the ability to bend. 



To keep tabs on your home 24/7, you don’t have to invest in a costly home security system these days. Now, you can quickly download two of an iPhone app with the flick of your finger, which enables you to maintain an eye on your home wherever you are. 

Whether you want your kid to go to college or make sure your house is protected from any nostrils or illegal break-ins,