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The wireless home alarm system is a powerful security system

A theft alarm system is purchased slowly to protect the house.

The home alarm system protects and protects your home by monitoring, for example, when you are not at home in the event of a fire. The system protects the whole family and alerts the family to what is happening around the clock. The alarm systems include security alarms detecting movement, noise, smoke, or leakage when they are found by a security center, security agency or alarm in your home.

Alarm systems are a simple and cheap way to protect your home from theft. The security system itself acts as an anti-theft device, making your home less likely. When you buy an easy-to-use alarm system for your home, make sure that everyone in the household can use it. Easy to use gives you the opportunity to learn how to use the system.

Wireless alarm system means security detectors and alarms that do not require separate wiring in an alarm control panel or control panel. Combined with the control panel, the alarm is completely wireless, making security alarms very easy and drug-free. Often a house is not stolen unless you do something, make sure you are stolen before stealing.

The cost of home alarm systems has reduced significantly. And in today’s high-quality system is already quite affordable. Alarm systems are offered to users on a monthly or once-off basis. A security camera is usually integrated into the home as part of the alarm system. The image of the camera can be used to identify the thief. Cameras are normally installed outside of monitoring. Family alarm systems are also popular with older people. For example, system security alarms can be used to control patient activity. For example, when the elderly leave the front door, the alarm of the alarm system can be sent to a relative.

Alarm systems are also popular among companies. Although there are many systems installed in the office space, alarms are also common in the production area. You can also get the corporate alarm system in our online shop.

A home alarm enhances home burglary protection

The home alarm system is usually customized to the customer’s needs. Some houses have a lot of burglar alarms and some have only one or two alarms. The most common home alarm system is the motion detector. As the name suggests, the detector detects human movement and alarm. Other common alarms include a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector, and a magnetic contact on a door or window, also known as a door alarm. The home alarm system is usually flexible and can be continued later. In our online store, you will find a selection of market systems for wireless home alarms. It is important to make household burglary protection with high quality, reliable equipment.

Wireless detectors are best for home alarms because they are very easy and quick to set up. Pay attention to the wireless coverage of the system using wireless alarms. Wireless devices often have problems with wireless range. For example, the DSC alarm system provides wireless coverage up to 2000 meters in an open area. For example, a good wireless range will allow you to install a security alarm in your garage or outdoor storage without causing problems.

Home alarms protect your home from burglary, fire, water damage and vandalism. Movable home alarms are usually equipped with a PET feature that detects pets and does not contain false alarms. The wireless security camera is often integrated into the home security system. Security cameras allow you to watch remotely, so you can check what is happening at home, for example during the holidays. Camera surveillance with a security alarm makes your home safer and you can leave safely.


Burglar Alarm for Your Home – Detached Townhouse or Apartment


Some security alarms usually have a discrete home alarm system. All external doors are usually protected by magnetic contact, and motion detectors and glass break detectors are installed inside. Water leakage detectors usually protect areas at risk of leakage.


A detached house usually has more than one entrance. A wireless pad can be installed at all entrances, making it easy to turn the alarm system on and off. The home security system is unobtrusive and can adjust quickly, making it part of everyday life. Surveillance cameras are also installed as part of the home alarm system. Outdoor surveillance cameras are usually installed, for example, to display domestic plots, entrances, yards, and stores. The security camera is a great defense against vandalism and burglary.

Terraced house

The houses in the house would normally like the same solutions as detached houses. The ranges remain moderate, so the wireless alarm system is very popular. Security alarms are installed to protect against burglary, vandalism, water damage, and fire. The front doors of the terraced house are protected by magnetic contacts, and a few motion detectors and glass break detectors are installed inside to provide effective protection against burglary. A smoke detector and a leak detector can be added to the system to effectively protect fire and water damage. The cut-off and series alarm system can be easily controlled through a mobile application. The application allows you to control your home alarm system remotely, for example, directly from your workplace or on holiday.

Block apartment

An apartment block alarm system is usually set up to protect against burglary, fire and water damage. It is usually easier to block an apartment than a single-family house, assuming that the block is not flat on the first floor. A flat block usually requires magnetic contact to protect the door and a glass break detector to protect the windows. In addition, a motion detector can be installed in the apartment building if required.

We also recommend smoke detectors, carbon monoxide and water exhaust for the apartment building to protect against fire and water damage. In flat buildings, camera detectors are not normally installed outside the foyer. Therefore, when purchasing an alarm system for one family home, terraced house and apartment block, please note the ease of use and quality of the system. Our online store Ajax Security System offers an excellent system for any family home, terraced house and apartment block. Transferable with many security alarms, the system fits perfectly in every house!


Camera surveillance as part of the home alarm system, is it worthwhile to have a surveillance camera at home?


A security camera gives your home added security. Camera surveillance is integrated into the home security system. Surveillance cameras make it easy to determine if a person has survived a theft incident. A home security camera lets you watch videos later. We recommend buying a full resolution HD camera for at least 1080p for home use. If the security camera is not clear, it is impossible or difficult to locate the cause in the real case.

One of the most favorite things about home security cameras is their viewing angle. When the camera is connected to the network, the security camera can be viewed remotely on a device or smartphone and its history recorded. For example, it allows you to test your home on a smartphone while on vacation. Remote monitoring software works on Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G networks.

Security cameras have been installed, for example, in the yard, storage, garages and other materials that can be vandalized. Surveillance cameras are usually at the front door and show a detailed picture of the person and what he is doing. We recommend installing CCTV cameras at home and possibly at home. We do not recommend installing a security camera in your home, even though all of our security cameras are protected from outside theft.

Home security and security cameras, thefts and security alarms provide 24-hour home security against vandalism, theft, water leakage, and fires.
In our online store, you can see security cameras suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is easy to integrate the user-friendly wireless security camera into the home security system. A good home security camera brings the following features:

IP66 or IP67 if placed outside the camera
At least 1080p resolution, 4MP 440p option
IK10 Vandal Proof
Finding bids
IR lighting, at least 30 meters approved in the factory
If your camera has wireless monitoring, we recommend the WiFi-Band WiFi feature, which runs on 2.4 and 4 GHz networks.
Focus on the ease of use of camera management software


5 steps to a safer home

1. Have a home security alarm system where everyone in your home learns to use it.

2. Prevents moisture and fire damage in good time with leakage and smoke detectors

3. Connect your surveillance camera to your home monitoring system and install an external surveillance camera.

4. Purchase adequate theft and security alerts and request a home security map on 045 317 6088.

5. Choose Finnish security products and make your home safe