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The prices of alarm systems

Given the quantity of accessories and the potential quality of security comes, it’s demanding to quantify the value of a home alarm . In any case, by evaluating the parts to be put in and therefore the designated brands, it’s possible to point completely different value ranges, specifically for the individual parts.

To every value proposal should be supplemental, any labor prices of the installer.

Economic models of anti-theft devices


They start from a hundred and fifty euros to get to three hundred within the 1st economic range; for alarm systems positioned on the average the prices ar authenticated at 300-500 euros, whereas the semi-professionals vary between five hundred and one thousand euros.

These value hypotheses ar potential while not taking under consideration the potential variations, thanks to the entire variety of inputs which will be connected and to the supported technology, whether or not wired or wireless (the value rises once it involves double frequency systems or higher).

Sensor prices

The costs don’t seem to be very high, however to own a guarantee of potency, the passive PIR indoor detectors should value around fifty euros, though very often at discounted costs we have a tendency to begin from thirty euros. For active PIR detectors, costs also rise thanks to the presence of the receiver. moreover, the outside sensors should be shielded from region agents and hooliganism, therefore their value varies from eighty to two hundred euros, increasing within the case of twin technology sensors and over long distances.

Prices of magnetic contacts

They are the parts that gift all-time low prices, and for a decent product, or a better level magnetic contact, you pay no quite thirty euros. To be positioned on windows, shutters and shutters, doors and tiny doors.

Alarm siren prices

Maximum prices of around sixty euros for indoor sirens, whereas outside sirens have costs around one hundred fifty euros, together with each loud and visual alarms with flashing lights.

Telephone dialer prices

When they don’t seem to be already put in within the management unit of the warning device, they’ll be purchased at a value between one hundred thirty and two hundred euros. There square measure 2 types: mounted line (pstn) and cell line (gsm).

Video surveillance cameras

The cheapest cameras value but one hundred euros, each in wireless and wired models; if you wish to concentrate on quality, costs go up to two hundred euros whereas semi-professional models additionally value over a thousand euros. There square measure cameras of each value, however the differential distinction is given by the standard of the optics mounted, the brightness of the lens, chance|the likelihood|the chance} of zooming and also the possibility of affiliation to the net.

Home alarm kit

Some dealers provide complete alarm kits at prices beginning at three hundred euros, to achieve around 700. a decent answer for those trying to find an easy and cheap anti-theft device, during which kit includes device, siren, magnetic contacts, management unit. Installation is finished DIY, straightforward and intuitive, whereas on dependability we tend to bear in mind that knowledgeable installer is usually a significant guarantee.

Total costs for alarm and anti-theft systems

The estimate for a whole home thief alarm, together with management unit, external and internal sensors, siren and phonephone dialer, prices around 1000-2000 euros, calculative the medium-high quality of the merchandise. On this value, tax deductions of fifty square measure doable .