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Smart Home: Security System, Smart Home Security System

Security System is a system for detecting different motions that happen both inside and outside the smart home using sensors. If an abnormality occurs, the signal will automatically warn to be prepared to take corrective action on timeHelp decrease danger and discourage bad stuff that can occur to people’s lives and assets at home. 


The intelligent home safety system can be split into seven components as follows: 


#1 Security system for lighting 

System A system that can regulate the authority to switch off inside and outside the house with a workplace or smartphone computer The program will switch on automatically when motion or alarm occurs.Including simulation for external individuals to see that at the time of not being home there are individuals (Present Simulation). 

It is a mechanism used to regulate the opening and closing of house lighting from computers or smartphones. 


#2.Sensor for indoor and outdoor use 


Different motion sensors inside and outside Detect weird sounds from broken glass to avoid intrusion. You will receive a notification via the smartphone if something occurs. So you can instantly continue. Divided into; 

4.1 Motion Sensor Motion sensor  

4.2 Door and Window Contact Magnetic Contact Sensors and Window Contact sensors that warn of defects.  

4.3 Glass Break Detectors Broken intrusion glass detectors. 

 4.4 Sensor of Pressure Pressure 


#3. System of remote locking 

System capable of locking the gate Whether you’re on the highway or in town, just have an internet connection. Including the program to simultaneously lock automatic gates every night and open the gate to allow the nanny to enter the house every time the same morning as before. 


#4.Security of digital video 

Various motions can be seen in the scheme. This occurs in real-time in a live house. It was a video at that moment, whether when the kids came back. Watch animals or even send home supplies. 


#5.Sensor for the environment 


The sensor detects the intelligent home atmosphere. Which is appropriate for kitchens, toilets, laundry rooms, cellars requiring automatic detectors that can detect flood leakage or water flow and exceptionally elevated temperatures when anomalies happen, the signal will beep. To be prepared to take timely corrective action to decrease the danger to your lives and property, And household individuals are split into 

5.1 Detection of fire. Fire detectors include the Detector of Smoke, Fire Alarm and Sprinkle.  

5.2 Gas Detector  

5.3 Detector of gas leakage Detector, water, and detector of flood leakage 


#6. Protection against theft 

Wireless sensor system Used to install in your home on valuables These valuables are protected against the sensor scheme. Every moment these valuables are caught, the system will warn. Or move stance Is a sensor system used to avoid theft of precious items Benefits of both internal security systems and the outside of the smart home has many things to assist avoid multiple disasters instantly, without worrying about what’s going to happen to our home, Both the easy-to-control system Accessible and the smartphone and computer intercom system Is a contemporary, sophisticated security, security technology but how nice is the security system? 


There are also disadvantages because everything is linked via the Internet in the age of thinking on the Internet. Items used to regulate different defense mechanisms Like a smartphone or computer If lost and falling into the robbers ‘ hands, it would not be great for us. Therefore, if you want to install these security systems, the system should be checked and studied well before you decide to use it for the safety of the customer. 


#7. Emergency Help 

For emergency assistance With just one to two buttons, The signal will be sent to the main station to tell the police through multiple types of machinery such as wristbands, jewelry, belts or main chains. Or medical personnel to assist individuals to be in time at home or the elderly. 


#8. Monitoring 24 hours a day 


The 24-hour security system is supervised by safety expert at the central station, who is willing to send assistance to the house when different emergencies happen, such as intrusion, fire incidents, etc. 


Smart home security system There are many benefits and it helps to ease the house people’s worries as much as it does.