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Don’t worry about the police being “bothered.” If your suspicions turn out to be unfounded, do not dwell on your possible embarrassment. Think about what could happen if you don’t behave right away!
The following examples of what to watch for may help determine when to call for help: 
.A stranger who enters a neighbor’s home while the neighbor is away, someone who crosses your yard or a neighbor’s yard, someone who tries to open a neighbor’s door, or a moving car or van pulling up to open a neighbor’s house while away. 
.Someone carrying items (such as a television or stereo) in his or her home at an exceptionally late hour, particularly if the property does not appear to be wrapped up as if it were merely bought. 
.Anyone watching vehicle while walking down the street; someone removing tags, gasoline or accessories from a vehicle; or someone trying to enter vehicle using coat hanger or other gadget.
.The sound of breaking glass.
.An improperly parked car, an abandoned vehicle, or someone leaving one vehicle and driving in another.
.Anybody being constrained into a vehicle.
.People lingering around schools, parks, segregated territories, or in neighborhoods where they don’t live or work.
.Evident business exchanges led from a vehicle, particularly around schools or stops with youngsters, or a consistent progression of outsiders to and from a specific house routinely, particularly at late hours.
.Offers of product or fix work at bizarrely low costs.
.People associated with a battle or any uproarious blasts or shouts are suspicious.
.Entryway to-entryway specialists without an appropriately issued grant to direct such business.
Here is a rundown of significant strides to take to help guarantee your tyke’s security:
.Have you set aside some effort to instruct your kids security controls reasonably that the kid can get it?
.Do you have a family security plan, including a privileged bit of information secret word?
.Might you can give the police a total portrayal of your youngster, so explicit that the kid would be quickly conspicuous? .Do you keep a present photo of your kid available?
.Do you know what your kid was wearing when the person went out?
.Do you use registration strategies so you generally know where your kid is?
.Do you know the route(s) your tyke uses to get to and from school or their companion’s homes?
.Have you took a “security stroll” with your youngsters over courses they regularly travel to concede to liked and backup ways to go and dangers to be kept away from?
.Have you portrayed to your kid what an outsider is?
.Have you chatted with your youngster about what to do whenever drawn nearer by an outsider? Can your kid clarify if in their very own words?
.Have you conversed with your kid about what to do whenever drawn nearer by an outsider? Will your tyke clarify it in their own words?
.Have you expelled markings from your tyke’s garments that would enable somebody to know your kid’s (name obvious on shirt or knapsack, and so forth.)?
.Do you know your kids’ companions and their folks’ names and telephone numbers?
.The more you speak with your kid and give cautious idea to the inquiries raised over, the more you will expand your family’s security.